“The centre of the play is the descending spiral of LaRose’ Lady Macbeth and Martin’s Fate-marked Thane of Glamis, through all their terror, rage, determination, indecision, ambition, laughter, madness, and, yes, moments of tender love... LaRose’s bright and Martin’s melancholy, the eyes of these two brave, tragic souls so marked by the Wyrd spinners of Fate will haunt you as you walk home through the snow”

Behind the Hedge, Elizabethan academic John Richardson on

 MACBETH at Holy Trinity, Edmonton, January 2019

Danielle is thrilled to have been nominated by the Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards for her work on the music of MACBETH, Outstanding Score for a Play or Musical, 2018/19 Season

photo by BB Collective, pictured with Byron Martin